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About us

The fastest, easiest and multifunctional wireless voting system for shareholder meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings and other events!

You send us the presentation template, questions and answer choices. We create a new presentation or add questions and answers to your presentation.

We are happy to assist you regarding the presentation structure and system possibilities!

We configure the software according to your questions and answers. We prepare the sample presentation and send it to you for review. We will then carry out all necessary amendments and updates.

You choose the chart types, colours, presentation backround and how the results will be displayed!

We arrive on event site with technical equipment and requested number of keypads. Before the event, we can test the presentation and make all necessary changes.

We take care of the technical solution during the whole event and if necessary instruct and assist participants in using the keypads!

Voting results and audience feedback is displayed in graphs and numbers on screen during the presentation. According to your needs we can hide the real-time results and only save them in database.

After the event we give you the results in different formats to use it in further analysis!

Why us?

Voting and audience response gathering

Our audience response system enables you to conduct polls and surveys, gather feedback from your audience and speed up decision making process during meetings, conferences, seminars and other events.

Display real-time results on screen

Voting results and audience responses can be displayed to all participants on screen in real-time. Our system allows you gather results from the audience immediately with polling rate of 500 keypads in few seconds.

User friendly and easy keypad

You can stop wasting time on hand-counting and filling in ballot papers. Our user-friendly wireless keypad is the easiest device for voting. Results are recorded and stored in a database.

Two-way communication

Each participant can give feedback and express their opinion during the event. Your audience will become more active and interaction and participation increases significantly.

Change your presentation into an interactive one

Our voting system is the best tool for creating an engaging, interactive and fun slideshow. It is fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software, which enables you to create questions and display poll and survey results directly within your slideshow.

Multifunctional system

Our system is the best technical solution for shareholders meetings, general meetings, conferences, trainings, seminars, trade shows and other events, where you would like to speed up the voting process and gather various feedback from the audience.

Our clients

About the company

ARS Corporate Services provides interactive voting and audience response service. We offer full technical solution and support in preparing the interactive presentations and operating the audience response system during the event. Many companies and organizations, including Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange listed companies, use our voting service in general meetings to conduct voting procedures. Our audience response system has been used in various conferences, seminars, trainings and other events to conduct real-time polls and surveys, test knowledge and gather feedback from the audience.

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